I started making this series of 22 pieces of woodwork in 2022 when I discovered root wood could be used as a material for making sculptures. While tidying my studio a few years ago, I came across a piece of root wood I had found accidentally some 20 years before. Upon seeing it, I felt there should be a living being hidden within it. I used my tools to remove the mud and branches. I saw the concaves move like turbulent waves, the hollows were deep mountain caves, and the protrusions were towering peaks. The lines had the movement of calligraphy, while the tension of the angles spoke of the strength of human muscles and bones. It was like music, like a dance, full of life. I made some modifications in the appropriate places to let the hidden vigour and spirit emerge. After polishing and waxing it, I mounted it on a wooden base. The dead wood came to life, and the encounter with this living ‘being’ filled me with excitement. It seems that my experience accumulated over 20 years in sculpture, music and calligraphy had a direct influence on how I saw and worked with this piece of wood.